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Sport / Home Injuries

While athletes are most susceptible to sports injuries, studies show that children sustain up to 1,500 spinal-related traumas before they are 5 years old, before they’re even playing any sports!

Sport and home injuries are things that happen as part of everyday routine, normally with no warning at all. Whether you are cleaning or doing a repair job at home, playing a game of baseball over the weekend or just out for your morning jog, accidents can happen anywhere at all. Sometimes, it’s just the strain of physical activity that causes pain in your body.

Most everyday injuries are caused by a sudden impact, like getting hit by a ball, knocking your elbow on a counter or slipping on a wet floor. They may seem inconsequential but can at times cause long-term damage, especially if you have a soft tissue or muscle injury to deal with. The pain may not be immediate or the damage may not be obvious, but symptoms can develop over time.


Some of the symptoms that can indicate a serious injury caused by sports or home activities include:

  • Slow rising pain in the area of injury
  • Restricted movement in the injured part
  • Pain in the legs and back, especially the lower back region
  • Inability to exercise with heavy weights
  • Stiffness while moving the neck, accompanied by pain in the head

Diagnosis & Tests

A comprehensive chiropractic examination can determine the location of the injury and isolate any pressure points. Sometime, an X-ray might also need to be taken to see if there are any broken bones, fractures or tissue damage. In case of serious injuries, other tests like CT scans or MRIs might be suggested by the doctor.


At Pro Chiropractic Clinics, the treatment for sports and home injuries involves natural techniques like physiotherapy and regular massages over the injured body part. Adjustment of the spine or joints focuses on returning normal movement and improving flexibility, while exercises may be prescribed to enhance strength in supportive tissues like muscles, tendons and ligaments in the area.

In case the pain is caused by misalignments, herniated discs or subluxation of the spine, chiropractic adjustments can provide extensive relief with long-term effects. The spinal segments will be moved to return to their original positions and correct any imbalances that have occurred.

Chiropractic care is something that can be used to prevent serious damage to the tissues, in the case of a future injury too. Active sports enthusiasts can pre-emptively avoid everyday injuries with physiotherapy. Sports can be a lot of fun and it’s important to remain active, so the fear of injury should not hold you back, and our experienced chiropractic doctors can help set your mind at ease.