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Sinusitis / Allergies

Allergies are simply a reaction of the human body to something that it sees as foreign, and allergies to food, dust and pollen from flowers are some of the most common examples. These allergies can be seasonal, as in the case with pollen, but they can also be situational as in the case of reactions to dairy products and pet dander.

Sinusitis is an allergy to something that is in the air, and is one of the most common complaints for most people. This condition normally causes reactions in the nose and nasal passage, with reactions that include runny noses, watery eyes and constant sneezing till the allergic agent is gone.

Studies estimate that between 10-30 percent of all people suffer from some form of allergic reaction to various substances, and symptoms can manifest in the skin, nasal passage, digestive system and other areas of the body. These can range from a mild irritation to serious discomfort, and even life-threatening reactions in some cases.


Different allergies can produce different symptoms, but some of the most common ones include:

  • Incessant sneezing when going for a walk in the open
  • Running nose when there are cats or other pets around
  • Constant tears and irritation in the eyes
  • Sudden onset of diarrhea or stomach cramps
  • Swelling in the face, jaw or throat
  • Itchiness or a burning sensation in the skin
  • Breathlessness, increased heart rate or dizziness

Diagnosis & Tests

Understanding the allergen that is causing the reaction is the first step towards diagnosing allergies and treating them. Our experienced chiropractors will gather information about the symptoms and help you understand what might be causing them. For instance, if the presence of a pet is making the nose run or an early morning walk in spring (pollen season) could indicate an allergic condition. The doctor may also suggest a patch test to isolate specific allergens.


At Pro Chiropractic Clinics, we know that chiropractic care cannot solve allergies completely, but it can go a long way toward providing relief from the discomfort they cause. Allergies are the human body’s immune system fighting a foreign substance by producing antibodies in response to an allergen, so these conditions are often treated with medication.

Antihistamines and allergy medication are the normal choices for most allergy sufferers, but chiropractic care and adjustments can help improve the immune system. Allergies in general and sinusitis in particular can be treated with chiropractic care by making the body stronger. This will in turn reduce the intensity of the reaction to the allergy, so you will be less dependent on strong medication for relief.

Since the brain controls signals to the spleen, bone marrow and adrenal glands via the spine, misalignment of the neck or subluxation of the spine can affect your nervous system, causing allergic reactions too. Chiropractic treatment can help fix issues in your back, neck or even imbalances in your hormones, leading to results that affect other systems in your body.