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Lower Back Pain

Back pain is one of those ailments that almost everybody suffers from at some point or the other. In fact, eight out of every ten people suffer from back pain, and almost 10 percent of all people experience frequent lower back pains on a regular basis. When your back is healthy, it can take a lot of pressure and weight, but when it’s not functioning correctly, the pain can be recurrent and unbearable.

The reason for such common occurrences of lower back pain is that this is the part of the body that is most unstable on the spine, unsupported by other structures (like the rib cage which supports and stabilizes the thoracic spine). This is what makes the lower back so flexible, allowing us to bend and twist, but also makes this area most susceptible to pain.


Lower back pain develops slowly but surely, and will not go away on its own. If your back is injured or your spine is out of adjustment, the pain might subside from time to time but will definitely return in the future. Some of the common symptoms include:

  • Difficulty lifting even small weights such as a stack of books or groceries
  • Pain while bending to lift objects, or while straightening up after
  • Inability to sit on a chair for long durations
  • Inability to climb stairs or walk up steep inclines
  • Extreme pain when indulging in heavy exercises like working out at the gym or jogging

Diagnosis & Tests

An X-ray examination is normally considered the best way to diagnose the reasons behind lower back pain, since it helps to determine the position of the bones. Also, the cartilage between joints may need to be measured, and pain locations are identified with a comprehensive chiropractic examination or initial physiotherapy.


At Pro Chiropractic Clinics, we have expert chiropractic doctors who can help you deal with lower back pain problems. The source of this pain is normally the lower lumbar vertebrae, and the treatment involves adjusting this vertebrae and the pelvis. This will put them back in their original place, allowing smooth motion and improved strength.

Excessive stress or strain can also cause this problem, as well as underlying conditions like disc herniations and subluxations. Many people believe that a disc herniation will definitely cause back pain, but this is not really the case. Almost 50 percent of all adults with bulging or herniated discs do not suffer from lower back pain, but herniations can cause intense pain in many areas of the body.

Unfortunately, herniated discs cannot be completely cured, but swollen ligaments, tears in the tissue, inflammations and stress-induced backaches can be treated with chiropractic methods, instead of opting for pain pills or surgery as a solution. Chiropractic adjustments are an affordable and highly effective way to ensure that your lower back remains healthy and fully functional, with every section in the proper position.