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Knee / Ankle / Foot Pain

Knee, ankle and foot pain is normally the result of many different conditions, and the primary reason for most leg-related pain is arthritis. Arthritis causes inflammation of the joints, which in turn destroys the cartilage that surrounds the joints. Once the cartilage is gone, joint pain is all that is left, and this can range from mild or debilitating.

Ligament injuries can also cause knee, ankle and foot pain, while torn tendons or cartilage injuries caused by strain or sports are other common causes of pain in the legs. Sometimes, pain in the lower back, pelvis or hips can also get transferred to your legs, while sprains, fractures and certain kinds of medication could also be to blame.

Lifestyle changes are often necessary for patients who suffer from recurrent knee, ankle or foot pain, with a regime of regular exercise and physical therapy. Being overweight and not getting enough exercise will definitely contribute to joint pain in different areas of your body, especially your knees and ankles, since they have to support the body’s weight.


  • Day-to-day activity is being restricted and simple activities cause discomfort
  • Rest does not alleviate the pain, or only helps temporarily
  • Pain shows up after you start taking strong medication for other conditions
  • You are unable to use your legs for long durations. For instance, climbing steps causes instant pain
  • Pain killers aren’t giving the relief they used to
  • Pain that starts at the hip or knee joints and spreads to other areas of the legs

Diagnosis & Tests

A comprehensive chiropractic examination can help to diagnose pressure points and pain sources, especially if pain in your feet, ankles and knees is actually referred pain from your back or hips. Foot, ankle and knee pain can also be diagnosed with a view of the bones underneath the skin with X-ray or ultrasound examinations, especially for soft tissue damage, sprains and fractures.

Physiotherapy can be used to find the source of the pain, and conditions like torn ligaments or inflamed tendons can be identified this way. Depending on whether the pain is most often felt at the heels, back, top or balls of the feet, a chiropractor can locate and diagnose the kind of treatment that will be required.


At Pro Chiropractic Clinics, extensive natural treatment is available to help patients with knee, ankle and foot pain. The treatment from our experienced chiropractors will focus on reducing inflammation at the joints and improving muscle strength. It also includes techniques that are effective at reducing pain, like the application of ice packs, anti-inflammatory medication or cortisone injections if required.

After reducing the pain, our therapists will work on normalizing the joints with chiropractic massages as well as manipulation and adjustment techniques that target the muscles, relaxing them and improving their flexibility. Combined with rest, this relieves pain in the long term.

The last stage of the treatment involves physical therapy and exercises that work towards making the leg muscles stronger. While conditions like osteoarthritis cannot be cured, our treatment can improve the strength and flexibility in affected areas so that the pain is drastically reduced. Our doctors will also help you understand how the correct choices in footwear can help relieve pain, and whether you need braces or orthotics for further relief.