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Auto Accident Injuries

Auto accident injuries are extremely common among drivers who drive at high speeds or take part in aggressive driving, but they can also happen to people who are in an accident through no fault of their own. This damage usually happens in the form of soft tissue injuries or whiplash, which is a term used to describe pain in the neck and back.

Whiplash is a serious problem that can be caused even by small and large auto accidents alike, on city streets as well as highways. The pain and discomfort caused by injuries sustained in auto accidents can linger for a long time unless the injury is treated correctly.


Unlike other injuries, whiplash and soft tissue injuries develop over a period of time. Symptoms may show up in a day or after a month, and can include:

  • Pain in the neck, shoulder, lower back and jaw
  • Inflammation in muscles or muscle spasms
  • Restricted movement in the neck or head
  • Frequent headaches despite a full night of sleep
  • Fatigue after only a short duration of walking or exercising
  • Anxiety during the simplest of everyday situations

Diagnosis & Tests

These injuries might be missed during first aid or emergency room examinations, but can be diagnosed through comprehensive chiropractic examinations. Even if there is no visible sign of injury on the outside, X-ray examinations and in-depth consultations will reveal any broken bones or injured tendons, ligaments and muscles that need to be treated.


At Pro Chiropractic Clinics, we take good care of your whiplash or soft tissue injury to ensure that you are no longer troubled by it. Whiplash can be effectively treated through chiropractic therapy and adjustments, natural healing processes that minimize motion in the spine, treat spinal discs and enhance muscle strength.

An experienced and qualified chiropractic doctor can assist you with gentle stretches or pushing the injured joint in the direction in which movement is restricted, which is especially helpful for whiplash injuries. Other injuries may require spinal manipulation or joint adjustments for better results.

We combine physical therapy and traditional care for a quick recovery, to help you restore normal movement in joints, speed up healing and relieve muscle spasms. We will also suggest exercises and care techniques that can help you ensure that you don’t suffer any long-term effects from the injury you sustained.