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Smoking: A Chiropractic Concern

Smoking tends to put tobacco smokers at a greater risk of suffering from diseases like cancer and heart disease among other hazardous effects. Smokers may experience other conditions that affect their day to day well-being like asthma, emphysema and COPD. In fact, tobacco smoking has been found to be a leading cause of many preventable deaths. Notably, surgeons often refuse to carry out spine surgical fusions on patients who smoke owing to high failure rates of up to 20% compared to non-smokers. Even then, quitting smoking is quite difficult.

How Does Smoking Relate to Chiropractic?

Chiropractic care is one of the solutions to quitting smoking and leading a full life. Patients who seek chiropractic care are usually interested in wholesome and better health as opposed to dealing with a particular health concern. Smoking is known to aggravate the development of back pain and rheumatoid arthritis. For tobacco smokers, chiropractic is handy in treating strains and sprains on the extremities and spine that are considered to be some of the negative effects of smoking.
Chiropractors have found that the heavy smokers have larger tears in rotator cuff tendonitis of the shoulder. That is, a prolonged heavy smoking history aggravates the degree of injury. In addition, tobacco smokers are 7.5 times likely to experience tendon tears, non-union fractures, poor blood supply, high infection rates, poor immune response, increased bone death as well as poor union afterjoint replacement.

Smoking and Back Pain – How do People Who Smoke Have a Higher Prevalence of Back Pain?

Research findings have established that there is a high prevalence of back pain among people who smoke.

Approximately 20 per cent of adult Americans are tobacco smokers. An estimate 22 million adult Americans experience back pain every year with those experiencing three-month prevalence in this group being 17 percent.

One of the theories that explain the link between smoking and back pain suggests that smoking limits the flow of blood to vertebral bodies and discs leading to early degeneration.

How Do Chiropractic Treatment Help Patients Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is usually difficult. Many patients who seek chiropractic care are usually ready to abandon the habit. This is especially common among those who realize that smoking is a cause for their unbearable back pain.

So how exactly does chiropractic treatment help patients to quit smoking?

Chiropractors usually use a combination of remedies such as acupuncture/laser, homeopathic/nutrition packages as well as detox foot baths. In addition, patients are educated on the costs of tobacco in addition to counseling those who are addicted to break away from the habit. Ultimately, chiropractic care involves modification of health behaviors to provide a relaxed and therapeutic environment to help patients break the habit.

The Success Rate of the Treatment

Various researches have attempted to document the success rate of chiropractic procedures on cessation of smoking. Chiropractic doctors have been able to offer patients personalized care that has been a motivation for some to quit. A study to determine the success rate was conducted among 210 chiropractic patients that also use tobacco was conducted in two phases namely intervention development and feasibility.

The results of the study revealed that 7.1% of the patients abstained from smoking for 7 days. By the sixth week and 14.1% abstained after a 6-month follow up.22.4% abstained after the 12th month of assessment. 7.1% of the patients recorded prolonged abstinence within the 6th month of follow-up while another 9.6% experienced prolonged abstinence after 12 months. Based on these research findings, it can be concluded that chiropractic care can be prescribed to those who desire to quit smoking because it produces great results.

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