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Chiropractic Care for Oxidative Stress and DNA repair

Chiropractic care is transcending beyond the realms of muscles and joints, down to a cellular level, right to DNA. Wait, what? This is the very question that may have just popped into your head. It is common knowledge that advanced chiropractic care gives highly effective results by regular adjustments and manipulations. However, recent studies suggest that chiropractic care promotes DNA repair and reduces oxidative stress as well.

Past few years have seen more and more people turning towards chiropractic care due to its ability to accurately determine the root cause of various pains in the body. It appoints different techniques and tools to eliminate the detected pain, without resulting in any side effects. But how does it affect at a cellular level? What does reducing oxidative level mean and how does it benefit any person? Read on to know more.

What is Oxidative Stress?

Constant stress on a cellular level causes oxidative damage within the body, which in turn lead to diseases such as Alzheimer’s and even cancer. Oxidative stress is a result of body’s own metabolic waste that produces free radicals. If there is a significant build up of free radicals within the body or when they cause an imbalance, inflammatory reactions occur leading to diseases. Furthermore, oxidative stress has an impact on aging process of the body. Advanced care chiropractic works on reducing this effect through various techniques and adjustments.

Oxidative stress induces damage to the DNA and hinders DNA repair. The latter protects genes from getting damaged by eliminating any lesions that have been caused by internal or external factors. Several environmental factors and external risks such as being exposed to smoke directly contribute to oxidative stress. In short, oxidative stress is not good for us. This is where chiropractic care suggests that it can help.

How Chiropractic Care Reduces Oxidative Stress and Repairs DNA

Corrective chiropractic techniques include spinal adjustments and manipulations to fix vertebral subluxations. It helps the body deal with and adapt to any kind of stress in an effective manner. It can be said that stress relaxation chiropractic care has provided relief to many people. Studies were conducted to see what it could do beyond that.

Any kind of chemical, physical or even emotional stress directly affects the function of our central nervous system. Research has theorized that such stress can affect DNA repair and affect oxidative stress on a cellular level. To determine the effect of natural health chiropractic techniques and methods on DNA repair, hormonal testing was done, paraspinal skin temperatures were evaluated and paraspinal SEMG potentials were measured.

However, the most concrete results were obtained from studying the levels of Serum thiols. They are primary antioxidants that aid in measuring the health status of any person. When they are quantified, they can predict the redox state of PARP and an individual’s DNA repair capacity. Serum thiols provide an estimate of longevity, mortality and presence of active disease.

Conducted tests provided a surrogate estimate of DNA repair enzyme activity. It is something that is associated with aging and lifespan of a being. Analyzing serum thiol levels in patients receiving chiropractic care have indicated reduced oxidative stress and an enhancement in DNA repair. This further promotes natural hormonal repair.

Patients under regular chiropractic care and those with no symptoms of disease demonstrated higher mean serum thiol levels than those with active disease. When compared to those with no chiropractic treatment at all, the levels of some values that showed great variance, suggesting that chiropractic care indeed made a difference. In fact, people who received regular chiropractic care for over two years showed reestablishment of a normal physiological state, regardless of age, sex, or nutritional habits.

In short, chiropractic care not only reduces any kind of pain and stress on a muscular and joint level but also reduces the chances of various diseases by working at a cellular level. All the more reason to book your next chiropractic appointment if you are looking for hormonal or DNA repair or suffer from stress!

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